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Nalisha appearing on the cover of, 'The Small Business Owner' Magazine


Nalisha discussing life as a Digital Nomad and how to structure your business to thrive while traveling the world.

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Nalisha Patel is an internationally recognized Health and Fitness expert on psychology-based health and fitness training, along with Marketing Strategies and Business Coaching.

She is the author and writer of several Health and Fitness books and has been featured as a wellness advisor and business consultant in over 63 different local and international media plugs and features, including high profile magazines, blogs, newspapers and Television shows.

Woman’s Day Magazine – 6 week Feature

Discover how 4 lucky Readers of Woman’ Day Magazine lost a combined total of over 32 Kilos in 6 Weeks Following Nalisha’s Weight Loss System.

Nalisha - Featured in and on:

– Woman’s Day Magazine

– NEXT Magazine

– The Huffington Post

– Yahoo Travel

– Fitness Life Magazine

– NZ Fitness Magazine

– Small Business Magazine

– The Sydney Morning Herald

4 Page Spread in NEXT Magazine

The Editor of Next Magazine (Leading Women’s Life Style Magazine) did Nalisha’s 12 week “Get the Body You Desire” Challenge. The 4 page feature showed off her impressive 12kg (26lbs) weight loss in 12 weeks!

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Nalisha discussing Cheat Meals and an ideal day’s meal plan

See Nalisha & Janak featured On The School Of Success Television Show… A 4 part documentary on business

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Reality TV Star- 4 part reality TV Show – School of Success

From a millionaire aiming for the rich list, to an ATM installer hoping to become a police officer, the skills required are the same. Experts Dr Marc Wilson, business guru Tony Falkenstein and master motivator John Wall challenge the students to take responsibility for their own success.

For three months the students must undertake experiments, personality profiles and have their business plans put under scrutiny.

In a world laden with self-help books and get-rich-quick schemes, The School of Success examines why decisive action is the real secret to success. The series believes it’s a common misconception that people are born lucky, but also wants to show viewers that even luck can be learnt. It is all about having the right mindset and understanding the psychology.

See Nalisha & Janak featured On The School Of Success Television Show… A 4 part documentary on business

New Zealand Television One – News (2007)

Nalisha Appears on New Zealand’s Television One News discussing her views on BMI (Body Mass Index)

Awards Received

Nalisha Patel receives the award of 2008 New Zealand Young Business Person of the Year from Westpac -Runner up for Excellence in business & helping clients

Nalisha's featured in over 63 Local and International Magazines.

Nalisha’s latest article on “How to get the best ROI from your workplace wellness program” featured in EHS Today Magazine read by over 87000 Industry professionals in America.

“Boost Club Member Retention by Creating Habits” by Nalisha as featured in Club Industry the worlds leading publication for Health & Fitness Clubs.


Dr John Gray

Dr John Gray, author of international bestseller “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. Nalisha interviews Dr John Gray in LA to learn how a relationship can influence each partners’ weight.

Dr Stephen Covey

Nalisha interviews one of worlds best known Doctor’s Dr Mike Roizen, as seen regularly on the Oprah Winfrey Show and the author of best selling health book “You, The Owners Manual”. Nalisha learns the best secrets to staying young and healthy from her 1 hour interview with Dr Roizen.

Dr Michael Roizen

International best selling author Dr Stephen Covey talks to Nalisha about Self Leadership and how this can cross over into being more healthy and happy.

Stedman Graham

Nalisha flys to Chicago to meet Stedman Graham, best selling author on leadership and empowering yourself to be better. She learns about his 9 steps to success process and how it can be used for better health and wellbeing.

Nalisha Interviews Dr John Gray

The Author of the most popular relationship book on the Planet – “Men are from Mars Women Are From Venus” and discusses the topics of why women start gaining weight after marriage.

Nalisha - Feature Writer for:

Her Magazine


Her Business Magazine


New Zealand Fitness Magazine


Huffington Post - Interview - Use Your Bucket List to Design Your Life

Janak and Nalisha Patel made some big changes in their life, and fortunately, they had their bucket list to guide them. They’ve been together since they were 17 and 20 years old. Like anyone that age, they had big dreams; they wanted to travel, have nice cars, a huge house and live by the beach. They wanted it all…..

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Yahoo! Travel - The New Digital Nomads

“We did not want to wait until we were 65 to live life,” said Nalisha, 33. As a lifestyle consultant, she and her husband, Janak, 36, a former mechanical engineer, own and run an online wellness and lifestyle business. Early in their marriage, the Patels wanted a house by the beach and fancy cars, but once they attained this, they became disenchanted. “The photocopy life — same work and experiences every day — did not provide lasting happiness,” she said. “We realized we really wanted to travel. It’s all about new experiences. That’s what excites us.”

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NEWS.COM.AU - Australia's Channel 10 Wake up Morning Show

How did this couple travel and live in 35 cities in two years? CLICK FOR VIDEO ON MORNING SHOW

NEW ZEALAND locals Janak and Nalisha Patel had always dreamt of travelling the world together.

Finally, they decided to make a move that changed their lives forever. They left their jobs and their home in New Zealand and set off an adventure that has turned into something much.

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As seen in The Sydney Morning Herald

There was a time when Nalisha Patel and her husband Janak dreamt of having an expensive house, fancy cars and a bulging bank account.

These days – after a radical shift in thinking – they have designed their own fairytale life, living in dream locations around the world while continuing to build a successful digital business from their laptops.

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As seen on TV Show, '60 Minutes'

Nalisha Patel, as seen on the Current Affairs TV Show, ’60 Minutes’ with Tim Ferriss

Appearing alongside bestselling author, Tim Ferriss (The Four-Hour Workweek), discussing life as a Digital Nomad – Traveling the world while building online businesses.

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